Friday, April 22, 2011

More Political trivia

This is installment # 2 of our political trivia game! To my complete and total shock, someone actually got nine of ten right last time. So, we'll be ramping it up a bit!! Good luck!

1. During the 1952 Presidential campaign, Richard Nixon gave a face-saving speech addressing some (alleged) improprieties. One of said improprieties was his having improperly accepted a gift (a puppy for his daughters) ... the media ultimately named the speech after the dog, what was the dog's name?

2. Name the American hero who leaked the "Pentagon Papers" to the New York Times? (Hint, he is my Facebook friend.)

3. What was President Ford's name at birth?

4. What Supreme Court Justice played professional football while attending Yale Law School?

5. What was the answer to #4's nickname as a football player?

6. Who is the only man in history to both throw a perfect game in Major League Baseball and serve in the U.S. Senate?

7. In 1981, Sandra Day O'Connor became the first woman to sit on the Supreme Court - name her predecessor.

8. In 1989, the U.S. Senate rejected one of its' own former members who had been nominated as Secretary of Defense by George H.W. Bush - name the Senator AND two reasons why they rejected him.

9. Which U.S. Representative served the longest CONTINUOUS term as Speaker of the House?

10. Which Vice President told a U.S. Senate to "Go f--- yourself" on the Senate floor?

Grading Scale

9 - 10: Genius!

7 - 8: Brilliance!

5 - 6: Better than average!

3 - 4: Work on it, but you're getting there!

1 - 2: Hit the books!

0: Why are you torturing yourself?

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  1. Answers:

    1. Checkers
    2. Dr. Daniel Ellsberg
    3. Leslie R. King, Jr.
    4. Byron R. White
    5. "Whizzer"
    6. Jim Bunning
    7. Potter Stewart
    8. John Tower, alcoholism & infidelities
    9. Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neil, Jr.
    10. Dick Cheney