Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yet more political trivia (Easier this time)

1.) Which President died while having his portrait painted?

2.) Which former House Majority Leader was once an exterminator?

3.) Which former Senate Majority Leader made commercials for Viagra after retiring?

4.) On what television show was former U.S. Rep. Ben Nelson (D - GA) a regular cast member?

5.) What role did #4 play?

6.) On what television show was former U.S. Rep. Fred Grandy (R - IA) a regular cast member?

7.) What role did #5 play?

8.) Name the late movie star who married JFK's younger sister, Pat (Hint: she divorced him in 1966.)

9.) What were Bobby Kennedy's last known words?

10.) What was the last movie made by Ronald Reagan?

Grading Scale
8 - 10: Brilliance
5 - 7: Pretty darn impressive
2 - 4: Still not bad
1: Work on it a little

*** Answers in comment below ***