Saturday, April 16, 2011

Modern Political trivia

Recently, a Facebook friend suggested that I come up with political trivia questions for my little group of friends. Having won many such contests myself, I said to myself: "Who better?" The questions below are not easy, and I will give anyone who can answer them (without the assistance of Google or Wikipedia) serious props! Just for fun, some of the answers are clues to proceeding answers! (Before you ask - Yes, I do know the answers without assistance!) You can leave your answers in a comment; best of luck and you can look for me to do this periodically!


9 - 10: I'm very impressed!
7 - 8: Still impressive, but work on it!
4 - 6: Not bad.
2 - 3: Crack open an encyclopedia.
1: Lightweight

1. In 1964, then Sen. Ted Kennedy broke his back in a plane crash. Which other U.S. Senator was flying in the plane with him?

2. The answer to question number 1 was the father of which future U.S. Senator?

3. Which future Vice President showed the answer to number 1 the door? What year?

4. Where did LBJ attend college?

5. Who are the only sitting Governors to lack a 4-year college degree?

6. Which President's original last name was Blythe?

7. Who was the youngest man to ever serve as President?

8. What were Robert Kennedy's last known words?

9. What was the name of FDR's dog?

10. What Supreme Court Justice served the longest on the bench?


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  2. 1. Birch E. Bayh (D - IN)

    2. Birch E. "Evan" Bayh III (D - IN)

    3. Dan Quayle, 1980

    4. SW Texas State Teacher's College

    5. Scott Walker (R - WI) or Jan Brewer (R - AZ)

    6. Clinton

    7. Theodore Roosevelt was 42 when he was sworn in after the assassination of William McKinley.

    8. "Is everyone all right?"

    9. Fala

    10. William O. Douglas, 36 years

  3. Whoa dude! You have got some serious info tucked away inside your head!

    Ps. You still need to get rid of the word verification...